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Made in Detroit

I’m a city girl. I decided that when I was 13 and after I had spent four days in Manhattan with my then 26 year old cousin. New York is truly the city that never sleeps, whether it be the cobble stone streets of SoHo or the town car crowded corridors of the Upper East […]

Fashion and Philosophy

Fashion and philosophy. Couture and Kant. There’s a world of underlying form beneath every piece of clothing and jewelry. The vintage, silk Chanel A-line skirt I found at a flea market in Paris and the brand-less gold ring given to me by my grandmother from India are so much more than the materials used to […]

A Passenger to the Infinite (Scholastic Art and Writing National Gold Medalist)

My grandfather speaks in haikus. He sees from behind thick and cracked rose colored glasses. And he listens as if he will hear God one day. He rises at 4 a.m. to walk beside wild dogs and lazy pigs on the beaten paths in front of his home before the moon has been swallowed by […]